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Long time, no post.

Hello LJ and whoever still checks this,

Life's been... life.

Been at Camp Pendleton for about 10 months now and loving the Southern California weather, my hair has never looked redder from the bleaching of the sun and my tan lines are pretty legit.

I got promoted to Corporal in August, exactly at the nine month time in grade needed to be promoted, pretty happy with that. Got a year as a Cpl. before I'm eligible for Sergeant, going to try hard to make sure I'm on point to possibly make that mark.

For work, I'm with base Public Affairs. It's a mixed bag, I'm in a non-deployable unit, which sucks, but I can be a little more relaxed not worrying about that and our shop is small but effective. Also, our new director is more aimed at getting our stuff posted by outside media(and Fox 5 might want to interview me about a story I wrote, not published yet, ah!) If you wanna see some of my work, posted as LCpl. Asia J. Sorenson & Cpl. Asia J. Sorenson, it can be found at and for the most part. I also do a weekly comic, archived on our Flickr page:

My ankle is pretty much fully healed from the break last year and I'm planning on running races more again now that I have a car, scheduled for a 5k and 10k on Thanksgiving Day at this point.

Hope everyone still around is doing well.
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It was a busy year.

January- Ran my first 10 miler in 1:10(for a perfect 7 minutes per mile)
February- Went to boot camp(Parris Island, SC).
March- Boot...
April- More boot...
May- Graduated boot camp! Boot leave!
June- Started infantry training(Camp Geiger, NC)
July- Had a blast in MOUT and completed the graduation required 20k hike
August- Graduated infantry training(0311), started BPASC at DINFOS(Fort Meade, MD), broke my ankle
September- Got upgraded to a walking boot
October- Visited my family in PA, got two new tattoos, got out of my walking boot
November- Promoted to Lance Cpl, graduated DINFOS(4341) and moved to Camp Pendleton, CA
December- Got some of my pics picked-up by, visited VA for the holidays

Was fun.
Hope next year is as busy, if not more.
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Up, up and away!

During features writing I got to write a human interest piece on comic books. It was kinda interesting to write about comics relying completely on what my SMEs(subject matter experts) had to say in their interviews and not allow any of my own ideas to get in the way.

Any thoughts? If anything, it kinda makes me see where a lot of mainstream media articles on fandoms are coming from...
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((Yes, I know it says "he said" or "____ said" a lot. My instructor is very insistent on attribution))
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2014 so far...

I graduated boot camp, I graduated infantry rifleman school, and I'm ~23 days from graduating as a public affairs specialist(combat correspondent, because being female means I can't be a rifleman despite graduating the course).

I broke my ankle over a month ago and have an appointment to get me out of a walking boot tomorrow morning.

In five days I'll be a Lance Corporal. Rah!

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13 weeks later...

Saturday, 17 May 2014, my platoon finished the Crucible and received our EGAs, making us Marines. Then, yesterday, 23 May 2014, we marched across the main parade deck at MCRD Parris Island, officially graduating and getting the final dismissal from our Senior Drill Instructor, GySgt. Williams, to get the hell off that island. So, yeah, I'm a Marine, just a boot-arse PFC, but still. Oo-fucking-rah!

Right now I'm home until the 3rd of June, have to report to Camp Geiger in North Carolina by 1300 for ITB. Normally it'd be MCT, but they're testing females in infantry training and asked for volunteers so I figured I'd give it a shot(going to ITB, Infantry Training Battalion, for females just means you're getting the same training as those who'd be going into an infantry MOS but at completion you just move on to your original MOS school vs. males who complete it and are done with MOS training and move on to their infantry-field job). Worse comes to worse, if I find it breaking me, I can drop back to MCT, but I'm going to give it my all.
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Two weeks!

In just two weeks I'll be up at MEPS waiting to head to MCRD Parris Island in the morning. It's been about a year and a half getting to this point and I'm so excited and anxious and it all feels so surreal. It's almost finally fucking here! It's damn near tangible! I'm pretty sure I'll do fine, but I can feel a lot of expectation on me to graduate honor grad, which is cool because I plan to go for it(if only because the chance of coming out of boot camp already an E-3 would be lovely), and don't want to let anyone down, especially myself.

That said, went to the National Museum of the Marine Corps yesterday as a kinda "field trip" with all the other poolees at my RSS and it was pretty fun. It was cool to see the history and encouraging to talk more with the others(sat next to the newest female poolee and had a "yes!" moment in talking about how damn hard it is to find info sometimes on female Marines that doesn't just turn up a bunch of stuff from/for Marine girlfriends and wives rather than actual Marines). A couple poolees asked me who's going to be guide when I'm gone and I mostly just shrugged my shoulders and said "not my problem", which is probably not an ideal way to answer but, fuck it, I'm finally leaving.

So, yeah... So excite. Much yelling. Very motto. Wow.

TLDR; I'll have no internet/phone/whatever access for three months starting Feb. 23rd. I'll be able to write and receive letters(only letters pls), so if anyone wants to write(as a friend or even just as someone who's willing to hear me babble about what I'm doing while I'm there), feel free to drop me your address here(comments will be screened) and I'll make the effort to send something off. Okay? Okay.
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Forty-six days...

My date got pushed back two weeks, so now I'm shipping for MCRD Parris Island on Feb. 24th(instead of the 10th, blah...). I'm still hoping a little it'll get righted, but know the time will pass quickly either way. That said, I've been out of work for a week now, just in limbo until I leave, blowing through a bit of the money I'd been saving for a rainy day.

While some of the reason I'd wanted to quit work with time to spare was so I could have more time to rest or work out or whatever, a lot more of it was so I could get my life... cleaned up? Swept out? I have a lot of "stuff" and I want to make that "stuff" a lot more portable. Part of me just wishes I could tote it all out to some field somewhere and have a bonfire. I know there's certain things I'm keeping, but I am massively downsizing the collector and sentimental-over-objects sides of me(thinking I'm going to take pictures of a bunch of stuff so I can use the whole "visual trigger of memory" thing without having something that takes up space). This coming year is going to involve a lot of moving around and not much personal property and no clue when I'm next going to have much space of my own. Though I'm alright, I think, with starting anew when that time comes anyway.

Not sure what the point of this post really was, just putting things out there. Might try a sales post or eBay account drop when I get some things up this week, but most of it's going donation. I think it's going to be a good year.
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I feel kinda weird sharing this online, even the dead zone LJ's becoming, despite the big life changingness of it all, and I'm not really sure why exactly I feel that way, even though I've alluded to it on twitter. Everyone in my offline life knows about this and have been supportive/awesome about it, so I guess I'm just going to go ahead and share as I am actually legitimately happy with doing this(even if it comes as part of a "I'm out of life options..."-type contingency plan)... of today, I'm enlisted in the USMC. I have a ship date, though I'm trying to get it pushed up so I'll put off sharing, will be starting as a PFC, and have been training with the local recruiting station since August of last year(took so long to get to this stage because I needed a waiver for my LASIK surgery and BUMED took forever and a day to approve it). I PT religiously and have no fear of bootcamp. Super excited.

Don't have a MOS official-like yet, but looking for one under Arts/Media/46 with Linguist or something in Intelligence as my back-ups. Still, yay! I feel like my life has been stalled since my post-China buzz and I need to get moving again before I find myself ten years down the line with nothing changed.

So, yeah... Oorah!
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Shamrock Marathon

Ran the Shamrock Marathon on Sunday.

Negatives: It was freezing and windy the whole time. I had to stop 9 miles in to re-tie my shoe and I could barely feel my fingers enough to make it happen, lol. I also started too fast and burned out hardcore at the end. I felt like crying around the 22nd or so mile, I was just drained. It definitely didn't help matters that from roughly that point to the finish I went from 25th female(where I'd been most the race- still got quite a ways to go before I'll expect much better of myself from a marathon this size, lol) to 31st. Was mentally cursing every time I saw another woman go by. Finished roughly 8 minutes short of my goal.

Positives: I beat my last marathon(in November) time by 30 minutes for a finish of 3:24. I was the 31st woman out of 1,291. All the mental angst and bargaining(just x more miles!) that happens during a race becomes hilarious once the finish line is in sight. Free beer, cookies, pretzels, a blanket, and all manner of other stuff at the finish. Also, for my missed goal, there's always next time!

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He's my little brother

and I love him. But...

Him: *packing for MCT* So, do you want to take one of my guns?
Me: ???
Him: Like, you could keep it in your room or something.
Me: I thought you were giving them to mom to hold for you.
Him: Sure you don't want my shotgun? You've used it before.
Me: I don't need a gun, no. Still, if I want to use it while you're gone, mom will have it.
Him: But if someone breaks in you'd need it right there, not with mom.
Me: ...
Him: ...
Me: ...
Him: So, you don't want the gun?
Me: I'm good.

Should I be more "awww" over my bro apparently thinking of my self defense or more DDDD: that he still seems to think a shotgun(or AK-47 as that's his other gun) is the best response to hypothetical intruders?